Tap water is drinking water!

True story. Tap water is indeed a regular drinking water. You can drink it everywhere – at home, in the office, but also when you dine out.

Tap water is with a high quality. The law and control for tap water quality is really strict.

Tap water is always fresh. It’s never older than one day. Tap water does not need additional packaging nor transportation.

…Moreover. Tap water is well-priced.

You are a customer?

There are plenty of wonderful restaurants in Tallinn. Also, there are many restaurants, where you can easily get tap water. We just don’t know all those places.

Let us know about the restaurants where you know you can have tap water. We will contact them and ask them to join.

Thank you!

You own or manage a restaurant?

You already serve tap water or you plan to? Join us!

Drinking tap water is a great mind-set!

Share your experience!


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